Finance II: Corporate Finance (FINC-431-0)

Corporate Finance (FINC-431) covers the financial knowledge you need to run a firm, whether the firm is a multi-billion international conglomerate or a three-person start up. Building on your knowledge of capital budgeting and valuation from Finance I (FINC-430), you will learn how to answer the two fundamental questions of corporate finance. First, which source of capital—debt, equity, or a hybrid—should you use to fund the firm and maximize its value? Second, how should you distribute the firm’s profits to maximize value for the firm’s owners? We introduce a framework for analyzing these problems and develop practical knowledge through case studies and examples from current events.

This course is important for someone who plans to run a firm or division, invest in a firm (e.g., private and public equity investing), or assist with a firm’s investment and funding decisions (e.g., investment banking and consulting). The course also provides invaluable financial knowledge and literacy for students focused on management, marketing, and operations.